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The 20 last news
Le Mans, more tickets - by vic 06/02/2018 10:30

FYI, it is still possible to order additional entries for Le Mans for a negotiated price.

If you are interested, the best to do is to contact quickly Philippe or Nicole Freon.

The 2018 Calendar !!! - by vic 14/01/2018 18:57

The brand new 2018 Calendar is launched : 6 weekends, 3 GP circuits including Le Mans, Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, and the Motorland in Spain.

This year, we'll open the season with the 24 heures du Mans next 20 et 21 of April: the hall of fame is still for us ! (last year, we opened the season with the World SBK)

Fine tune your engines and shine your fairings !  And do not drag to subscribe if you want to be sure to ride on your favorite circuits : the grids fill up very quickly...

LVM speaks about ProClassic - by vic 14/01/2018 18:44

LVM speaks about us regularly, so you can sustain them by purchasing the last issue (#955) : there is a double page about ou 2017 season.

Happy New Year!

2018 begins very well on next January the 13rd with the yearly General Assembly of the ProClassic association.

Every year a lot of fun, the proclamation of the results of the year and the remember of the good times spent together, and obviously also the great moment when we discover the new agenda of the 2018 season...!

For those who are interested, ProClassic has negociated special rates with the hotel : 1 night + breakfast for 1 personn at 55€, and 1 night + breakfast for 2 people at 65€ : just ask to the hotel the ProClassic rate.

See you very soon !

The President speaks to us - by vic 26/11/2017 09:14

Chers amis(es)

L’année 2017 s’est achevée sur une belle épreuve d’endurance et de vitesse à Croix-en-Ternois.

Force est de constater que l’engouement de très nombreux pilotes pour notre Championnat se confirme saison après saison. Il consacre l’intérêt remarquable de notre calendrier et la notoriété de notre formule héritière du Superbike mondial.

J’invite tous les adhérents de l’association à se rassembler à l’occasion de la prochaine Assemblée Générale PROCLASSIC, qui se tiendra le 13 janvier 2018, en région parisienne.

Une convocation sera adressée à chaque pilote début décembre.

La prochaine saison, en cours d’élaboration, sera la 20 ème du genre depuis la création du Championnat en 1999. Cet anniversaire sera fêté au cours de l’année à venir.

Nous vous attendons très nombreux pour évoquer d’heureuses perspectives sportives.

Avec nos amitiés.

Philippe et Nicole.

The President speaks to us - by vic 04/10/2017 13:35

Croix en Ternois's Results - by vic 01/10/2017 13:10

Croix en Ternois was the last weekend of the 2017 season, with a beautiful weather and a warm ambiance for both speed races and endurance.

In the Superbike category, we already knew that Denis Pignatel was the winner, and Cédric Louvel is now second as forecasted. However, the third place of the championship has been determined after the very last corner, with only 9/100 between David Dietenbeck (3rd)  and Bruno Prokhoroff (4th).

In the Supersport category, Mickael Dugué is the great 2017 winner, with a smart last race where he gained the necessary missing points. Emmanuel Dewitte is second, with big results after each races during the year. Christian Vite is an unexpected third, due to the engine breakdown of Jérôme Lefèvre in the first race, and also due to his two victories at Croix.

In the Unlimited category, Alain Croullebois - still convalescent since Spa - has gained the missing points to get the gold of the 2017 season, followed by Thierry Desavoye who get the silver, then Stéphane Pruvot with the bronze.

The embedded camera from David Dietenbeck

Nogaro's Results - by vic 27/08/2017 13:40

As expected, Comme on pouvait s'y attendre, le weekend de Nogaro a été déterminant pour la suite du Championnat, avant la cloture à Croix en Ternois les 23 et 24 septembre.

En Superbike, Denis Pigantel confirme sa très belle saison avec 2 victoires et le titre désormas acquis de champion Superbike 2017 : Bravo !

Les écarts se sont ensuite creusés entre Cédric Louvel, David Dietenbeck, Bruno Prokhoroff et Charlie Corner. Sauf chute ou casse, la hiérarchie actuelle sera difficile à remettre en cause à Croix, mais sait-on jamais...

En Supersport : Mickael Dugué à pris le commandement devant Emmanuel Dewitte, suivi de Jérôme Lefèvre et Christain Vite, avec des écarts de points qui seront là aussi difficile à combler sauf incidents.

En Unlimited, Alain Croullebois mène encore de 22 points devant Thierry Desavoye, lui-même 34 points devant Stéphane Pruvot.

Pour résumer, excepté pour Denis Pignatel, tout peut encore arriver.

The President speaks to us - by vic 11/08/2017 08:45

Our President addresses us a new message

Morover and FYI, the Nogaro's schedules are on line in the "Calendar" section.

Suspense - by vic 04/08/2017 16:41

Did you notice the heavy suspense regarding the ranking of the Superbike and Supersport categories, with 4 races remaining ?

If Denis Pignatel is comfortably placed at the top of the ranking, it is very, very close between the next 4 separated by only 7 points: Charlie Corner, Cédric Louvel, David Dietenbeck and Bruno Prokhoroff ... Everything could happen !

In Supersport, it's not bad either: 15 small points of difference between the top 3 : Emmanuel Dewitte, Jérôme Lefèvre and Mickael Dugué. Again, everything could change very quickly ...

The results of the fourth weekend of the season in Spa-Francorchamps with the Bikers' Classics are now online.

We were very pleased to welcom not less than 12 english pilots, some of them formidable on wet conditions...

All about Spa-Francorchamps - by vic 26/06/2017 09:09

Pour organiser au mieux votre arrivée à Spa, Here below the schedules and some useful info:

- Schedule

- Access map

- Our place in the paddock

Don't forget your licence for Spa - by vic 16/06/2017 09:12


For those who live in France and own a FFM NCO licence, it's time to ask for your licence "Une Manifestation" for the Spa-Francorchamps event (not necessary if you own a LUE licence).

- Fill in the licence form directly from the FFM intranet : http://intranet.ffmoto.net/ , once you are identified
- Choose "Nouvelle Licence 1 Manifestation Inter", and confirm the proposed options.
- Discipline principale : "Vitesse"
- Type de licence : "Inter/UE 1 manifestation hors championnat"
- Choix de licence : UE1
- Epreuve : Bikers' Classics from July 1st to 2nd - Spa-Francorchamps
- Fill in all other requested information.

Medical certificate is not necessary (already given for your licence).

I forgot to tell you that all the time sheets of Aragon, Castellet and Carole are on line in "2017" section.
There is also many pics from Stéphane Torossian of the Paul Ricard, and from Mickael Delarue of Carole.

In order to organize the races to come, thank you to all the pilots to respect the following deadlines of registration:

- Nogaro: July 15

- Cross in Ternois: at the lastest on June 30, but preferred on June 15, due to numerous steps to do, and the prefecture authorization to be obtained (ProClassic is the primary organizer).

The results of the races at Carole - by vic 29/05/2017 12:54

The results of the third weekend of the season at the Circuit Carole with the Carole Moto Club are now online.

Carole's schedules - by vic 11/05/2017 12:01

All Carole's schedules on May 26, 27 & 28 are now on line, in the "Calendar" section.

Several embedded cameras - by vic 28/04/2017 10:24

Here below several embedded cameras found on YouTube:

Walter Lemonnier at the Motorland : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYGvuQWcCRI

Walter Lemonnier, same : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR_B-Fl8hng

Valery Michon at the Paul Ricard, riding a valiant Honda 400VFR : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxKMqSB9PyA

Valery Michon, same : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0s34wEiDi4

Walter Lemonnier at the Paul Ricard : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR_dh0AdmHU

Pics of the pilots - by vic 24/04/2017 17:44

As it was not possible for me to attend to the 2 first WE of the season, it misses some portraits in the pilot section of the website ... So, many thanks to the absentees to send me a pic of you : vic.proclassic@free.fr

Message from Dale - by vic 21/04/2017 10:56

It's always a pleasure to receive some kind messages from foreigner pilots. This one is from Dale Robinson.

Good evening to all of our PROCLASSIC friends...

Charlie and I just got back home last night from a fabulous weekend at Paul Ricard.

We wished to take this opportunity to thank you all for welcoming us into the PROCLASSIC family with open arms, we have both really enjoyed the time with you all.

The racing is tough, the bikes are well put together, the grids are full and the generosity of spirit from everyone in the paddock is just the best.

To the organisers, officials, riders, mechanics, helpers, marshals, chefs, photographers, web guys, timekeepers, medical staff, suppliers of TT wine and of course the wives (ok bosses) well done, the first two meetings have been great thank you so very much.

A man can live on croissants and ham sandwiches alone apparently.

See you all soon. Spa for me and Carole for Charlie.