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A message from the President: sound level control

Dear all,

I inform you of the regulations which were communicated to me by video conference by the Director of Sports of the FFM, these being applicable from January 1, 2024 to all motorcycles used on circuits whatever their age or engine capacity.

The sound level control will be exclusively dynamic. To do this, the company Azimut Monitoring equips all the circuits of sound meters placed at the edge of the track so as to record motorcycles at full speed, during practice, timed sessions and races. The system developed over 2 years simulates the noise coming out of the exhaust with an application of 3 corrections. The standard not to be exceeded is set at 109 db. The offense is noted if a machine exceeds 109 db more than 3 times.

After having exchanged with several officials and participants during this video conference, it appears to me that it would be wise to perform private tests on cinrcuit before a first race to know the noise level of your motorcycle, in order to correct it if necessary. I add that it may be useful to plan firstly a noise attenuator to attach to the end of the exhaust.

The president of the F.F.M. speed commission whom I questioned on this subject told me that all circuits would be equipped from January 1, 2024. You can nevertheless make sure before traveling.

Good luck with this preparation. See you soon at the Assembly.

Philippe Fréon
Proclassic President

The President message, November 2023 !

The year 2023 will have been marked, once again, by the success of our Championship which sets a new record for the number of members and participants in the races.
No less than 66 drivers scored points in the Championship out of 85 registered drivers.
The quality of our offer, in terms of prestigious circuits and despite the withdrawals of an organizer, was expressed within the framework of a harmonious and friendly operation, which is the major key to our success in terms of reputation.
This success is that of the drivers of course but it could not exist without the accomplishment of demanding and time-consuming work during the off-season and during our race meetings.
This work, invisible to many, is the work of volunteers who act for the common good and, in this regard, I thank the constant support of Nicole at my side and our controllers present on the circuits.
I will soon inform you of the arrangements for holding the traditional General Assembly and on this occasion I will present the 2024 season and some new operating features.
We continue this march forward which guarantees our sustainability in an evolving and competitive environment.
Enjoy the end of the year,

Friendly yours,

Philippe and Nicole

Words of the President and more news

The Championship

Created in 1999 by Philippe Fréon, the Proclassic Association, by organizing an annual Speed and Endurance Championship, offers to all classic motorcycle enthusiasts the possibility to live their passion on the track.

These championships are integrated into official events organized by the FFM (Fédération Française de Motocyclisme), and they enable racing on sport motorcycles under the best current safety conditions. The rules evolve regularly and welcome motorcycles built through the end of 2005.
The competitive spirit of the Proclassic Championship in no way excludes the general philosophy of mutual aid and camaraderie of the association, which allows it to involve all levels of riding and encourages all participants. No need to be a former racing rider to compete!

You will find on this site the rules of the championship, the calendar, the rankings, and much more.

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