A word from the President

We had a great return to the Le Mans track in July, preceded in June by the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
This second Le Mans event was hotly contested, as the virtual winner who was riding a SBK 750 unfortunately gave up after being hit by the machine of another driver who himself had fallen a fraction of a second earlier.
As for the second round, run on a dry track, it was just as intense with a leading quartet that, at the finish, crossed the finish line in the same second!
Congratulations to all the participants who by their determination gave to see a show of high quality.
I hope that everyone was able to relax or travel in this summer period.
We are now heading to the final which will take place at Le Vigeant in early October.
I inform you of the fall, in practice, of Thierry Younsi who suffers from a fracture in both ankles. Sending him a message of support would be a gesture of solidarity appreciated, I am sure (younsi.couverture@yahoo.fr).


Philippe and Nicole