The President’s word (June 2024),

Dear friends,

After the success of the first 4 events run in Lédenon, Nogaro, Carole and of course the fantastic SRC weekend on the Castellet circuit, summer offers us a long break.

At the end of August, we will return to the path that leads to the Le Mans circuit, whose worldwide reputation makes it so attractive.

Then it will be the end of the 26th season of the 2024 Proclassic Championship on the Vigeant circuit.

On the way soon to the Le Mans event with the promise of a tough fight in SBK 1000 behind Julien Lhonneur at the head of the provisional classification to decide between Emmanuel Lentaigne 2nd and Denis Pignatel 3rd with only a 5 point difference on the latter.

In SBK 750 Christian Thétiot is a solid 1st after the injury of Eric Cure which excluded him from the results of Carole and Castellet.
Franck Renard 2nd with 35 points behind keeps his chances in the end and Eric Braive is a solid 3rd 67 points behind 1st.

In 600 SSP, Lucas Lentaigne is in the lead with 58 points ahead of Eric Perronno in 2nd and 88 points over Valentin Le Thuaut.
But nothing is final yet, the last two events will be decisive.

I would like to remind you that our model honors the motorcycles which participated in the launch of the Superbike and Supersport world championship in 1989 of which we are the worthy heirs.

I believe in this reference which will continue to guide our development in the years to come because it allows machines to be grouped within categories with complete clarity.

Friendly yours,

Philippe and Nicole

General Assembly 2024

The “Assemblée Générale Ordinaire” (Ordinary General Meeting) of the Proclassic association will take place on Saturday January 20, 2024 at 6 p.m.

The opening of (online) registrations for the championship will be open in the following days.

A message from the President: sound level control

Dear all,

I inform you of the regulations which were communicated to me by video conference by the Director of Sports of the FFM, these being applicable from January 1, 2024 to all motorcycles used on circuits whatever their age or engine capacity.

The sound level control will be exclusively dynamic. To do this, the company Azimut Monitoring equips all the circuits of sound meters placed at the edge of the track so as to record motorcycles at full speed, during practice, timed sessions and races. The system developed over 2 years simulates the noise coming out of the exhaust with an application of 3 corrections. The standard not to be exceeded is set at 109 db. The offense is noted if a machine exceeds 109 db more than 3 times.

After having exchanged with several officials and participants during this video conference, it appears to me that it would be wise to perform private tests on cinrcuit before a first race to know the noise level of your motorcycle, in order to correct it if necessary. I add that it may be useful to plan firstly a noise attenuator to attach to the end of the exhaust.

The president of the F.F.M. speed commission whom I questioned on this subject told me that all circuits would be equipped from January 1, 2024. You can nevertheless make sure before traveling.

Good luck with this preparation. See you soon at the Assembly.

Philippe Fréon
Proclassic President

The President message, November 2023

The year 2023 will have been marked, once again, by the success of our Championship which sets a new record for the number of members and participants in the races.
No less than 66 drivers scored points in the Championship out of 85 registered drivers.
The quality of our offer, in terms of prestigious circuits and despite the withdrawals of an organizer, was expressed within the framework of a harmonious and friendly operation, which is the major key to our success in terms of reputation.
This success is that of the drivers of course but it could not exist without the accomplishment of demanding and time-consuming work during the off-season and during our race meetings.
This work, invisible to many, is the work of volunteers who act for the common good and, in this regard, I thank the constant support of Nicole at my side and our controllers present on the circuits.
I will soon inform you of the arrangements for holding the traditional General Assembly and on this occasion I will present the 2024 season and some new operating features.
We continue this march forward which guarantees our sustainability in an evolving and competitive environment.
Enjoy the end of the year,

Friendly yours,

Philippe and Nicole

The race at le Vigeant is coming soon !

The test day on Friday October 6 is open on the website

Since there are many interested pilots, you should not delay.

For this day, drivers must be licensed or obtain a circuit pass on the FFM website.

See you there.

Philippe FREON

The President message, April 2023

Dear friends,

The PROCLASSIC Championship began its season at Le Mans at the opening of the legendary 24 Hours and continued on the emblematic PAUL RICARD circuit, during the Sunday Ride Classic, May 5,6 and 7, 2023.

I invite you to join many of us and register quickly for the following races at LE VIGEANT, as well as at the PAU circuit on July 29 and 30, opportunity to visit this Pyrenean region during the summer holidays.

I expect many of you to share intense and happy moments in a friendly atmosphere.

Friendly yours,

Philippe and Nicole

A word from the President after the summer break

Dear friends,

After the summer break, the PROCLASSIC Championship is back in action at the Rhine Ring on 3 and 4 September 2022.
This circuit, which is new to many of us, will be important for the awarding of the annual of the annual laurels after the last event which will take place on the circuit of Le Vigeant on October 8th and 9th.

At the moment nothing is decided because the first 3 of the provisional rankings in 600 SSP, 750 SBK and 1000 SBK can claim the 1st place in the annual ranking.

At Le Vigeant, as last year, we are offered to participate in a big banquet on Saturday evening arm in arm. On the menu, the famous aligot with sausage, a starter with local cured ham, a dessert and rosé and red wine for a fixed price of 15 €.
In order to inform the caterer of the number of guests, you must send me your payment before 15 September by cheque or give it to me this weekend for those who participate.

With kind regards.

Philippe FREON