Ledenon 2019

Note: we have had many timing difficulties, and the published rankings still include some errors, corrected in our rankings.


  • Richard Haas’s best lap in 1:24.444 is obviously wrong
  • Philippe Camus is ranked between Christian Vite and Frédéric Alix, and not in 22nd position (penalty application error)
  • Eric Perronno, Richard Haas, and Frédéric Baudin did not finish as the result of a fall or withdrew
  • the lap times of the best laps were made by hand by the timekeepers and are, for the most part, somewhat fanciful, and could therefore not be retained (they are no longer accessible on the site of AFC Micro)


  • Philippe Camus, Laurent Villeregnier, and Franck Trouvé did not finish the race as the result of a crash.