To register for the Championship, you will need an NCO or LUE license. For that, you must be the holder of a French CASM (Certificate of Aptitude for Motorcycling) issued by FFM Regional Leagues, or have held an FFM licence within the past 2 years. The payment of an annual registration fee for the Championship is also mandatory.

Procedures from France:
– Complete the FFM NCO or LUE licence application form directly from the FFM intranet at the following address: (enter your licence number in the “ID” field)
– Have your favorite doctor fill out the FFM medical certificate, which you can scan and upload when applying for a licence, or mail it to the FFM.
If you live outside of France or if you possess a foreign licence, please contact the Association.

It is still possible to participate in one or more events by registering, each time, for a license for”an event” on the FFM website. However, beyond two events, this is expensive.

Among the information requested, it is necessary to indicate the motorcycle club “Proclassic” and its number C2034, unless of course you join another motorcycle club (boooo!).


Fill in the online form which includes registration for the championship, races and homologation forms.

In addtion, the following payments must be sent to the ProClassic Association:
-A single cheque for registration to the Speed Championship (amount specified in the championship registration form).
– As many cheques as registrations for the individual races (amounts specified in the event registration form).

Registration deadline: 20 January 2023!

WARNING: the registrants are ordered by the number of races entered and in the order of receipt of the registration. Don’t delay!