The President’s Word: Season 2021

Dear friends,

Pandemic obliges, I held with you an A.G who toke place remotely that met the requirements of the agenda previously communicated.

I am now able to present the calendar of the 2021 season comprising 6 tracks and a 4-hour endurance.

I hope that we will have a more favourable year in order to live our passion on the circuits of Le Mans, Castellet, Navarra, Spa-Francorchamps, Croix-en-Ternois and complete this beautiful sequence at Le Vigeant.

I invite you to join us in large numbers and send your commitments very quickly, before 31 December, because places are limited.

I’m waiting for you to share intense and happy moments!

With our friendship,

Philippe and Nicole

Cancellation of the General Assembly of December 5

Dear friends,

The continuation of government provisions restricting gatherings and the ban on re-opening restaurants lead to the cancellation of our General Assembly scheduled on 5 December.

In a few days, you will receive information about a remote General Assembly.

Shortly after, I will send you the 2021 schedule.

Keep fit and see you soon.

Philippe FREON


Let’s move forward!

The President’s word

Dear friends,

Although it seems difficult to escape the skepticism, I decided to move forward rather than give in to anxiety and resign myself.

Our racing formula is unique for those who want to practice competition in a friendly sharing atmosphere, riding on beautiful machines and also on exceptional circuits that are a unique landmark, unique to PROCLASSIC.

The Championship was shaken up in 2020, like all motorcycle events, by the cancellation of events following the prohibitions or regulatory limitations taken by the Government.
We have gone from a calendar of 7 events quickly reduced to 2 events!
Taking place in September and October, they allowed to “keep your hand” and maintain the desire if not the need to ride on the track.

I do not give up anything and especially not the desire to share with you intense moments, working to build a program for next year despite the difficulties of the moment, the fears that our partners may feel.
I propose to present and comment on the results of my negotiations at our next General Assembly (on December 5), which will count beyond the awarding of the awards, a highlight with the elections of the President and the members of the office.
I expect many of you at this important meeting in our association life, which you will confirm by mail by November 10 using the document that has been sent to you.

We will finally be able to share a good dinner to distract ourselves and develop our common project so that our creative passion for happy moments can live.

With our friendships.

Philippe and Nicole.

General Assembly 2020

Dear friends,

The date of our next General Assembly will finally be December 5, 2020 and it will take place at the Novotel de Saclay (see document).

For the reasons mentioned at Le Vigeant, it is imperative to send me your registrations as soon as possible and on October 31st at the latest.

I count on your presence at this always lively and festive event that will allow you to plan a beautiful 2021 season.


Philippe FRÉON

Start of the season, finally!

Dear friends,

We were faced with immobility for several months since mobility was restricted. We had to overcome our fears despite the threats and save what could be saved.

After several cancellations, our season consists of two events, Ledenon and Le Vigeant.

The one in Ledenon took place under a beautiful sun that allowed beautiful confrontations on the track, a lively life in the paddock and and very nice reunions despite the health discipline imposed. A few falls have punctuated these races, but fortunately the riders were only slightly injured and I wish them a complete recovery and the possibility of meeting us at Le Vigeant.

Denis Pignatel set a new race record in 1:30.40 and won the two races in the SBK 1000.

I expect to see you at the Vigeant on October 10th and 11th, 2020 for the final event where there will be a lot of riders.

See you soon, amicably.

Philippe FREON

Cancellation of Croix-en-Ternois

Dear friends,

Uncertainties about the development of the coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of strict health measures and the absence of a support race are reflected in the low number of entries to the event of Croix.

As a result, this event is canceled in the interest of all and I thank the registrants whom I salute for their loyalty.

Philippe FREON

The new website!

After some (euphemism) technical problems and a nice teamwork, you now check out the new website Over time, we will solve any remaining problems, fill in the gaps and come up with something we hope will be useful. Your reactions and suggestions are welcome.

See you in Ledenon!

Frédéric and Vincent

Bad news

Dear friends,

The news came at the beginning of June; we must, with great regret, announce that the ProClassic events that were to be held as part of the 24h motos at Le Mans at the end of August are cancelled, as are the other events associated with the main 24h race. This is, of course, for public health reasons due to the too famous Covid-19, which also led to a closed session for the 24-hour race itself.

The PROCLASSIC calendar is now as follows:

    LEDENON: 11 – 12 September
    CROIX-EN-TERNOIS: 26 – 27 September
    LE VIGEANT: 10 – 11 October
Warmly ,

Frédéric, for Philippe and Nicole.

Updated 2020 calendar

Dear friends,

The LEDENON event has just been postponed, again, to September 12 and 13. This creates a championship of 4 events, at an interesting pace during the months of August, September, and October.

The PROCLASSIC calendar is now as follows:
MANS: 27 – 29 August
LEDENON: 11 – 12 September
CROIX-EN-TERNOIS : 26 – 27 September
LE VIGEANT: 10 – 11 October
This dates should not change.

However I look forward to other registrations, in speed and endurance, for Croix so as to not put the association in difficulty. I hope that many of you will register soon; I am counting on you.


Philippe and Nicole.