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To subscribe to the championship if you live in France, you need:
- to own the French CASM or to be licensed by FFM since 2 years.
- to fill in the FFM NCO or LUE license application form directly from the FFM intranet at the following address:  (enter your license number in the field  "Identifiant")
- To fill in by your favorite doctor the FFM medical certificate, Then you can scan it and upload it directly to the FFM website.

Among the requested information, the motorcycle club and number are "ProClassic" and #2034, except of course if you are enrolled in an another motorcycle club.

If you live outside of France or if you own a foreign licence, please contact the association.

- Fill in the subscription form for the Speed ​​Championship
- Fill in the subscription form for the speed races
- Fill in the approval form

- Fill in te subscription form for the event in Croix Ternois

Forms must be sent to the ProClassic association accompanied by the following payments:
- A single check for subscription to the speed and/or endurance championship (amount specified in the subscription form to the championship).
- As many checks as needed for subscription to the races (amounts specified in the races subscription form).

ATTENTION, first arrived, first served : do not drag!