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Croix en Ternois's Results - 01/10/2017 13:10 by vic

Croix en Ternois was the last weekend of the 2017 season, with a beautiful weather and a warm ambiance for both speed races and endurance.

In the Superbike category, we already knew that Denis Pignatel was the winner, and Cédric Louvel is now second as forecasted. However, the third place of the championship has been determined after the very last corner, with only 9/100 between David Dietenbeck (3rd)  and Bruno Prokhoroff (4th).

In the Supersport category, Mickael Dugué is the great 2017 winner, with a smart last race where he gained the necessary missing points. Emmanuel Dewitte is second, with big results after each races during the year. Christian Vite is an unexpected third, due to the engine breakdown of Jérôme Lefèvre in the first race, and also due to his two victories at Croix.

In the Unlimited category, Alain Croullebois - still convalescent since Spa - has gained the missing points to get the gold of the 2017 season, followed by Thierry Desavoye who get the silver, then Stéphane Pruvot with the bronze.

The embedded camera from David Dietenbeck